Monday, April 25, 2011

and we like it this way

there is nothing more adoring
more joyful
more trusting
more innocent
than the face of my baby
when he wakes in the morning.

he grunts softly, rolls to his side
and reaches for me
with closed eyes and
a hungry tummy.

i'm there, inches away
in the space we share
for warmth and sleep and dreams

then he crawls up on my belly with dancing eyes
(so much like my own)
and smiles, laying his round head on my chest.

we like it this way.

someday he'll have his own bed,
and his own everything,
his independence propelling him increasingly
away from me.
one day he might share sleep with a wife,
his own child nestled close to her.

But for now he's just a baby
my baby
sleeping in the curve and safe
of his mama, like so many other
babies in the world.

and we like it this way.


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