Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mama Sudan

[2008: 3 months in South Sudan with some of the world's most courageous and beautiful women - I was found and loved in a time of disorientation and need. I spent many evenings sitting by the fire with Miriam, listening to her stories from 20 years living as a refugee in Uganda, the glow of her wisdom warming my skin. I was the one in need.]

the wild welcomes the day once more
and i am here, in this sacred place
orphaned to the sky and trees and dusty roads
and i can hear her sing to me.

such reckless grace of sounds and light
to let my dirty feet explore
her soil and touch her children with these
half-formed words and selfish hands
and dance her rhythms with feeble knees.

the fire warms us both
as she strokes my hair and sings.
in this black of night and fear and stars
I can feel her rescue me.

I am the child, the refugee.

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  1. beautiful, i'm glad you are sharing with others the beautiful spirit i get to enjoy everyday :)