Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my baby is demanding (like most).

my baby is demanding
(like most).
he trusts in my undying affection
to make all of his needs
and all of his wants
completely known.
and heard.

no hidden agendas
or expectations that I'm a mind reader.
he never puts on a tough exterior
or shoves his true feelings behind
a stoic mask.

[although i'm usually a little tired
and sometimes wish he could change his own nappy occasionally]
for the most part I appreciate his
his submission.
his fierce expectancy.

his smiling nakedness and continual confessions of need
for love and milk
confronts my own apparent

I smile when I'm actually hurting.
I don't speak up when I'm nearly dizzy
with confusion.
I even push my husband's hands away sometimes
when what I want most is
to be held.
and warm.
Not often enough do I ask for help
or cry
for someone
to come.

Teach me, O God, the ways
of my son.
And the ways of yourself who came
to us
with the tireless needs of an infant.
You who nursed in your mothers arms
and woke her with your cries in the night
after night
after night
after night.
And then stared into her eyes with complete
and dependence.

Teach me to confess my humanity
and often,
expecting to be heard,
to be welcomed,
to be loved.


  1. becca, you never cease to amaze me with your writings!!

    Your poems continue to inspire and breathe life and offer the simplest of things to be utterly profound!

    thanks for always encouraging me to write, you are truly an amazing woman! You allow the beauty of God to freely make its home in you, and it inevitably oozes out to inspire others and point their eyes to the glorious Saviour.
    It makes me so happy that Saf gets to have you as a mum. A lucky boy, he is!

    thanks for sharing your gift of writing with us, I am so blessed by it!
    much love from Canada, in the budding of Springtime...

  2. thanks for your lovely comment fia. miss you heaps and hearing the way you see the world and the questions you ask. I'm just about to read your update in my inbox now. :) -b

  3. Becca, I love this! and can relate in some way... though minus the child and husband... Thanks for writing! much love