Friday, April 22, 2011

You invite the weeping.

An Iraqi woman walks between Soldiers as they ...
[5 July 2009, a psalm]

"with weeping they will come"

You -
Almighty, Huge, Victorious, Glorious

invite the weeping, those
with labour pains, the blind
the lame trembling
you invite our treasure
in earthen vessels, you
invite our failure and our kites.

Help me be clear, be like water,
be like tears and stories and listening and hours.
Help me to invite weakness to come
from the shadows and be named
in all of us.

We turn to You, God of all weakness
on the cross, in the world
weakness whispering power stronger
than strength.

Lead us into your Likeness.
Lead us to your cleansing, flowing
rivers of weakness.

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