Saturday, June 4, 2011

like father, like son. ;)

My son is getting a reputation for being quite the smoocher.  He will get a very determined look in his eyes, grab you around the neck, pull you in close and put his pink little lips (open wide, of course) on yours, then turn and press his cheek to your cheek.  He'll do this a few times before releasing you from his affectionate death grip.  It's very cute and flattering and he's been serial smooching in our community recently - having hit up 5 or 6 of our friends - all females of course.

Since he was just a wee baby, anytime Chris and I are hugging or (gasp!) kissing, he studies us with intensity, brow furrowed deep in thought.  It seems now he's decided to share what he's learning with the world.

Oh the responsibility of parenting.  Who we are, we will reproduce in our children, beautiful and terrible.  Smooching is sweet but I know we have other patterns, in thought and deed, that are less so, that we hope to not see re-enacted in our children.  As we become more whole,  our children will have less of our baggage to deal with in their own lives.  We will make many, many mistakes in raising Saf and our new little one.  Fortunately, there is grace, which "makes beauty out of ugly things".

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  1. Yes your son is quite the smoocher :) I think he's been making all the girls feel special and maybe a few of the boys a little jelous :)