Thursday, June 9, 2011

psalm of mothers, South Sudan

[psalm 29 january 2008 South Sudan - this could be the psalm of so many beautiful women that I met while living there - still longing and waiting for justice and rest in that land.]

Edna, Traditional Birth Attendant, at the mango tree (where it all happens)

the night is as dark as i remembered
and chaos ebbs and tides on my shore
my heart still bleeds from the wounds of
between brothers and babies dead
inside their mothers
and fear
that scars me

rape and machine guns and homes left abandoned
nights in the bush with a baby on my back
and where are my daughters
is my husband alive
this world is too heavy
for me to walk much more

but the prophet cries that the blood stained clothes
and boots of the warriors
will be fuel for the fire
for we need a fire
we need to keep warm
and boil some water

for unto us a child is born

under a thatched roof in south sudan
and an un -stable place in bethlehem

(can you hear him scream?)


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