Thursday, August 4, 2011

and i thought about years. my baby's turning 1??

I secretly (and not so secretly) like this old Christmas song about a girl coming home for the holiday and remembering all the things she loved from her childhood.  It's extremely cheesy, and I mostly sing it to annoy my husband (and college roommates) with its length and lyrics.  The chorus goes, 'And I thought about years, how they take so long, and they go so fast'.

The thing is, my baby boy is turning one today.  He's a whole year old, outside the belly.  That's hard to believe.  But I thought about years, how they take so long, and they go so fast.  This one sure did.  Did Chris and I ever not have a child in our bed?  I can barely remember that.

This year felt like a very long period of time, especially those first six weeks of recovering (on many levels) from Saf's birth and learning to be mama and baby-outside-the-womb.  But then came the first smiles and feeling pretty adjusted to all the newness and my body feeling back to semi-normal and it just keeps getting better.  And better.  Every single day.  These days its the ridiculously beautiful smiles in which he pretends to be shy, the dancing with his father to every genre of music, the ravenous eating of basically anything and the chubby little index finger pointing at everything.

But has it really been a whole year since he so fully invaded our lives?

Has it only been one year?  How do you explain all these new smile lines and grey hairs??

He's such a gift, our Safran.  I really could not imagine my life without him and I want to continue in this next year to treasure all of it - the joyful, the tired, the frustrated, the amazed.  And I anticipate much of each.


  1. beautifully put. Happy Birthday Saf!

  2. Saf is Trendy like you and your blog.

  3. ah, that bottom picture made me smile. :) You capture the joy and beauty of motherhood becca!