Sunday, August 7, 2011

I thank you God for most this amazing

(inspired by e.e. cummings "i thank you God")

I thank you God for most this amazing
for the laughing, brownly spirit of (his) eyes
and the blue true stream of (his) voice
and everything which is forever
which is brimming over
which is “I will”.

How could myself (in all of my yes and all of my not)
be receiving tremendously this gift
from your heart so sketched, painted, smiled upon, sung, written and dreamed
(you who see me clearly more so much than me)

now the wants of my wants open wide
and the song of my song is born.

psalm 14 march 2009
(written on my friendboy's birthday when we were just lovers engaged to be wed.  but over two years later, I'd write it all again)


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