Sunday, September 18, 2011

siblings and things

This morning Saf and I lay together in bed, trying to hold off the sunlight and day as long as possible, especially since it was only about 6am.  As he nursed contentedly he stroked my belly with his chubby little hand, as he does often these days.  He must notice that it's getting bigger, taking up a little more space in his life, worthy of attention and care.  The baby inside the belly responded to his touch and started to move and kick a bit. I held his hand in one spot and whispered, 'Safran, the baby is dancing for you!'  When the baby kicked again, Saf started to giggle.

I have no idea how much he's understanding of this so called 'baby' in my belly or what that means for our lives.  Sometimes it makes me nervous as he is accustomed to so much of our time, touch and general attention.  But in a moment like that, hearing those sweet giggles as his tiny sibling danced for him, I reckoned it will all be okay.

the very handsome big brother

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