Saturday, October 29, 2011

If God were a painter

I began reading "The Mystery of Children" by Mike Mason aloud to Chris last night.  It's written in small chunks, actually in 1/2 chapters and smaller, so hopefully we can continue.  What we read last night was so beautiful, I wanted to share it.  I've had some nagging thoughts recently about bringing more children into such a mess of a world - probably a normal thing to feel in pregnancy when the growing chaos globally seems to swell more rapidly than my belly these days.

But then I read this, and I remembered ...

"A child is a revelation from God.  Prophets receive visions, mystics ponder the ineffable, great preachers deliver God's word.  But the greatest revelation comes through flesh and blood.  Every child is a fresh, unheard-of image of God, and children keep coming and coming because the world has not yet conceived of all the fullness of God's glory.

If God were a painter, He would paint not with brush and oils but with babies.  If God were a historian, He would write the history of the world now with kings and armies but with children.  If God were a preacher, He would preach not with words but with you and me, His own dear sons and daughters."

What never-been-painted revelation of Himself does God want to bring through my child today?  Will I have eyes to see the colours?


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