Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm hungry mother, I'm hungry!!

Last night at dinner I was wondering aloud whether or not Saf had eaten enough.  As we're currently working on night-weaning him before our new baby comes (in about 3 months!?) I would not want to deny him milk in the night if his belly is actually hungry.  So in the evenings I try to make sure he has gotten his fill.

My good friend Hollie and her adorable family of 3 are staying with us until they find a home of their own.  While we ate together and I commented about Saf's possible hunger she stated, "He doesn't look like he's starving to me."  We laughed.  It's true - the extremely round face and chubby cheeks give him away.  Hollie said she's noticed it's always the moms with the chubby kids who worry that their children are hungry.
Saf and River (Hollie's boy) at the shops
"But," I said, "If he's hungry, he's hungry.  It doesn't matter how chubby you are." 

It's like in the Disney movie 101 Dalmations when the chubbiest pup says to his mama:
"I'm hungry, mother I'm hungry!"
"Oh Rolley, you're always hungry."
"But I'm hungry mother, just the same!"

So maybe I am one of those moms who worries that her chubby child is hungry.  I'm okay with that. :)


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