Tuesday, November 15, 2011

psalm somewhere in the middle

I'm somewhere in the middle of
yesterday and tomorrow, not
close enough to either to feel safe enough
to stay.

I'm somewhere in the middle of my darkest
fears and my unashamed expectancy,
between the stories whose scars I bear
and the unwritten chapters I still need
to live.

I'm somewhere in the middle of my child-less
world-wandering and visits with grand children
who carry my reflection,
somewhere between our 6:30am giggling alarm and
the quiet peace of his nursing to sleep.

I'm always somewhere in the middle of
remembering and imagining,
flipping through scrapbook pages and the
empty journal of my wildest plans.

But may neither steal my gaze
and touch
from the drenched-in-holiness
of this very now.


  1. Becca,

    You are so gifted! You have such a deep ability to reflect (amidst parenting and pregnancy, no less!) and articulate profound truths and awareness. I am so glad you have this blog so you are sharing your reflections with others around the globe. May God bless and multiply your ministry abundantly, and let you know how you are impacting others!

    Have a lovely and blessed day!



  2. thanks for your kind words Elisa!! I'm trying to write more these days, even just little bits. It helps that my child is regularly taking 2 hour naps! ha. hope you and your lovely kiddos are well! xo