Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ready. ?

38weeks +5days.

I'm not sure if it matters, but I suddenly feel ready to have this baby on the other side of the belly.  It's the first time since ... we found out we were pregnant? 

But it's here - that gentle peace lined with hints of excitement and wonder.  It probably helps that our son has slept 9-10 hour stretches without waking 4 out of 5 nights this week.  That's big, considering 5 months ago we were at 6-8 wake ups a night.  I do plan to write about our gentle journey with sleep.  I'm expecting a sleep regression when the new baby comes which I hear is pretty normal with such a big change.  But right now it feels gooood.

When you're not extremely tired, it's a lot easier to be excited about a new member of the family who will be nursing every 2 hours in the night for probably 45 minutes at a time.  :)

I'm still nursing Saf, which I also plan to write about in more detail.  There have been difficult moments most days in that regard, but the benefits are rich and evident.  He's recently had me tandem nursing him with his favorite toys (Cabbage Patch doll, Sinclair, and his kangaroo puppet).  It's ... cute. :)

I find myself savouring moments with Saf - nursing him to sleep as he rubs his hand up and down my arm, having conversations with him which are a mix of his signs, words and amazing facial expressions, watching him play his 'ti-tar' and do a great mix of ballet and hip-hop dance like it's his job.  I love this boy, and these are last days we're living.  A sibling will be a wonderful, life-long gift, but our world is going to drastically change. 

I'm not uncomfortable enough to really think the birth is imminent, but I'm pretty emotional (ask my husband) so I'm sure hormones are shifting ... although I'm usually always emotional and blame it on some kind of hormones.  (Hormones are real!!)

The baby will definitely be coming soon, at least in the next few weeks.  And finally, I think we might be ready.

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  1. yay! baby's coming! i didn't feel "ready" until about a week before having judah either. but then all of a sudden i just... was. there were still projects to be finished, things to clean and organize (crazy nesting desires), and plenty of lists that would never get dented (and still haven't), but regardless i was ready within. he was born not long after. can't wait to hear the great news soon. :)