Wednesday, February 29, 2012

one of those days

Yesterday was one of those days - one of those days I was sure would be every day with two always needing me little ones.  All my days are surprisingly not one of those days.  But yesterday was.

There was up in the night teething pain which makes for tired parents and a grumpy boy; fever, his first, so I stripped him down and nursed him.  He vomited all over the couch and I left it until his father woke up because my toddler-baby just needed to be held.  There was both children crying and trying to hold them, arms not able enough.  No naps overlapped and muggy rain threatened us all.

It was worth it though, just to get outside, so we went.  Up the street past abandoned buildings, cafes, pubs and art galleries (but mostly abandoned buildings, this old street of ours) - we walked and greeted familiar people who were probably confused as to why a mother and children would be taking a walk when the dark sky was pregnant.  With downpour.  I could have suspected it and stayed inside but we really needed a change of scenery, some new air to breathe, some exercise (at least one of us).

He shouted, "All wet!" and we were, at least he and I were, his sister protected in the stroller fortunately.  I stopped at 'the corner', where the women wait for the men and money is exchanged for intimacy but it never comes.  A man saw me from across the street and he came running.  With an umbrella.

He walked us halfway down the hill towards the place where my husband works and we walked the rest of the way in the downpour, warmed by kindness from a neighbour we didn't know.

The girl was oblivious.  The boy loved every minute.

"Happy!  Happy!  Happy!  Happy!"

And I was too.


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