Sunday, March 11, 2012


 One of my son's first words was 'up'.  And he really meant it.  Like this:  up. up. up. up. Up. Up. UP!  UP!  UPEEEEE!  UPEEEEE!!!!!

He's one of those kids.  Relentless.  I LOVE that about him.  And it makes me crazzzy sometimes.

Wearing him has really helped us to meet his needs for close and touch and time (and up).  As a newborn I really enjoyed the Moby Wrap and a Ring Sling that was passed down from a friend.  Safran always slept best when worn and his crying was usually calmed within a few strides.

We also love our Ergobaby carrier and as soon as he had good head control Saf spent much of the day on my back - walks in the neighborhood, chores around the house - it's so wonderful to have my hands free and my baby happy.  I still wear Safran often on my back when cooking and cleaning.  He's 30 pounds now and it's still feels good most of the time.

I did have trouble using the Ergo into my third trimester of Jubilee's pregnancy, so I purchased a ring sling from Sakura Bloom and used it with Saf on my hip nearly every day through the rest of my pregnancy.  Love it.  As soon as Jubilee was born I began using it with her,  so nice and snug, her head to my heart.

Even getting my children to our car, down a steep flight of stairs and across an alley to a parking lot requires Safran to be on my back in the Ergo and Jubilee either in my arms or a sling.  It's how we do it these days, part of the routine, rarely disputed by my spirited toddler.  He's even known to wear his baby, Sinclair, occasionally as well.   

Enjoy the pictures!

in the Moby, a few days old.
6 months, over 100 degree heat, still wanting to be up in the Nojo Baby Sling

helping mama cook (a couple of weeks ago)

adventures with auntie lizzie and the Ergo

love the Sakura Bloom linen sling.  love the beach.

sometimes i do this. 

sakura bloom sling with my wee girl inside.

Saf and Sinclair, the next generation of babywearing



  1. Way to go with the tandem baby-wearing! and the photo of your little with his little is just too precious.

    I'm visiting from Adriel's baby-wearing carnival!

    1. thanks rachel! will check out your blog as well!

  2. Cuuuute! Up was one of Levi's first words too. But actually he said "upta" - translation - up please... but said "ta" (thanks) instead of please. And now at over two years old he still says upta! upta! Funny.

    Love all your photos too, especially the baby sandwich and saf babywearing. Cutie!! I've only worn both the boys once, but often end up carrying Levi on my hip while wearing Judah since he wants in on the action. I do still use the Ergo with Levi when we're out just the two of us, but not around the house. He gets bored in it at home and would much rather be running around free. ;)

    p.s. rachel (above comment) is a friend from my ywam brisbane days. i think you might like her blog as you have some similar parenting philosophies from what i can tell. :)

    1. as i type one handed saf is on my hip .. ha. someday he will be tired of me, i'm sure. :)

      thanks for the fun post idea adriel! xx