Wednesday, June 13, 2012

it's getting easier (the more he lets go)

a few days of rain come out of nowhere.  i'd just hung another pile of clean, wet laundry on the line, sun shining and inviting, the wind just right.  within thirty minutes the downpour began.  i didn't worry until it didn't stop, the roof started leaking in all the familiar places.  we know the drill, put the towels down just there.  explain to the boy why that water is dirty, and why it's in our pot.

the rain didn't stop, comforting in the evening but depressing in the morning, and the next day and the next.  i wouldn't do well in Seattle or even my husband's hometown.  i don't really like the rain all that much.

with the dripping ceiling came the dripping noses, 2 under 2.  chris and i swallowed whole oranges, gargled salty waters and took our zinc.  please, not the parents too.  the boy coughed and coughed in the night, every 40 minutes he needed someone to help him find the way back to sleep.  he was awake for about 3 hours for two nights in a row.  i claimed the sleeping girl and we split up.  chris said he just wanted to be held on the couch, not even rocked.  the demand is decreasing, the proximity remains.  i hope that never changes.

chris says its getting easier, the more he lets go in the night, the more he can hold.  i catch myself singing an old switchfoot song as our baby girl sleeps in his arms now, just next to me. 

Daisy, give yourself away
Look up at the rain
The beautiful display
Of power and surrender
Giving us today
And she gives herself away

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