Sunday, September 30, 2012

lyrics in the night

My husband typed this into our phone while unable to fall asleep one night this week.  His creative juices flow easiest into late hours, but our children like to create in the early hours so it's rare these days to receive a gem like this.  He makes me smile.


a folky song...

i found me the daughter of a reverend
to make for me a biker bride
18 speeders purchased from kmart
and matching helmets keep us looking smart

but now instead of doing skids
we walk about the streets with kids

on our backs,
or on our fronts
riding side by side in pram
holding hands,
running loose
bicycles are not in use

and one day we will ride again
one day we will ride again
baby seats installed with help of friends
borrowed bike pump fill our tires by hand
we will ride again



  1. so fabulous. i wanna hear the music to this!

    1. ya, me too. it might take another three years for him to find time to put music to it, but if he ever does i will send it your way!