Saturday, September 1, 2012

rashes and electrical fires (still better off than a millionaire)

We had a weird week.  Weeyrd.  It was the week after the four of us had fevers and coughing and let's-just-lay-on-the-couch-wiping-snot-on-mama-all-day kind of feelings the week before.  Lots of tissues, not enough sleep.  We survived, but barely, it seemed.

Then this week all in one day we had bees dropping dead in our house, a strange chemical smell wafting around outside, a power outage that revealed an electrical fire that had been smoldering all day (hence the bees and the smell).  No power for about 24 hours, of course my husband bought a fire extinguisher and MacDonalds for breakfast, and then the electricians worked for a couple of days making everything better.

On top of this my daughter started to develop a rash that quickly became a crazy rash that became a trip to the Emergency Room on the third day because the red patches were developing purple and blueish spots.  "I'm sure you're normally very pretty" the nurse said to her, and I knew it looked bad.  There was a traumatic attempt at taking blood but then a specialist came and said it definitely wasn't meningitis (no need for blood test, we all sighed with relief) just give her steroids and antihistamines.  Within six hours she was all better, although there are some bruisey looking water marks on her chubby little legs.

 The evening we had no power I read some of Brian McClaren's "Naked Spirituality" - he talked about how if there are things in our life that we'd give a million dollars to save, like our vision or hearing, then in having those things now we are better off than millionaires.  I feel grateful for my baby girl's health, that it was just an allergy to medication and nothing more serious, that it wasn't something that threatened her life.

I'm grateful for our little apartment, even though our laundry is down the stairs and outside, even though it leaks when the rains come hard, even though the walls are dingy and the windows are few.  It's our home, us together in there.  I'm so very grateful that the fire didn't do more damage, that it didn't happen at night, that no one was hurt or even scared.

I'm grateful for our friends, our community who had refrigerators to share with us when our power went out, who bought us baby antihistamines, who prayed for my daughter and played with my son and surrounded us and lifted us up with our families a plane ride away.  No matter our income, we will never be poor - the relational riches are vast and secure.

It's Australian Father's Day tomorrow and I'm grateful for the boy I married, 25 months a father but the patience and wisdom run deep like years.  He gives so much to all of us and still lets me have the first sleep-in, still rocks the boy in the night, still wipes the counters while I type.  I think he's handsome every time I see his face.

"I am not going to wear jeans on a Saturday!"

In the small upheaval I got to see what I already have that makes me better off than a millionaire, the treasures I would sell everything for that sleep in my bed even now. 


  1. It's so funny how when the power goes out, the lights go on! My take away from this post ... it's super important to unplug, take in some God speak, reflect on application at a very micro level and offer up praise with a grateful heart. PS...Jubilee is pretty ALL the time.

    1. i found the previous week with us all sick to have been harder, but this week could have been so much worse that it helped me to see how much I have that I don't want to take for granted! yes, the lights out helped ... although i was reading mcclaren's book on the (charged) ipad. hehe.

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  3. is chris wearing crocs?
    this was solid, thanks for sharing the wisdom.

    1. yes, he's wearing my old white ones. psyche. those are slippers.