Wednesday, April 17, 2013

how we brought in the new year (a wet photo montage)

Happy New Year.

We celebrated with the people of our neighbourhood these past few days, splashing water on everyone we could.  We took our kids out in their swim togs and goggles to throw buckets of water at trucks full of water-armed families traveling slowly enough to douse us as well, at teenagers walking by with squirt guns, at foreigners on motorbikes. 

It's so much fun, this Songkran festival.  It's a holiday where nobody is rushing late to buy presents that people don't even really want or need.  It's a holiday where you throw water.  At everyone.  And it feels really nice because it's hot outside.

As we splashed and sprayed I was reminded of the dual nature of water; in some moments its a destructive wave, a tsunami that devastated this nation, a source of chaos and devastation.  Sadly, even during this festival there are hundreds of water (and alcohol) related deaths across the country.  But water is also a source of joy: children play in it, we are cooled and refreshed, we drink it down and our thirst is quenched.  It's in water that we are baptized, not just our bodies but our eyes as well. 

One day the water of chaotic waves will be channeled into a River of Life.  The structures that propel corruption and exploitation forward in our world will be transformed into structures of justice, right-ness and truth.  One day the water that churns and tumbles and destroys will itself be baptized, be made new.  That water will bring healing to everyone.

It will be the happiest New Year of all.

this poor guy got stuck in traffic right in front of us and doused about 12 times by the boys

someone had a bit too much fun

so many people driving around like this

River's favorite target.

one of my best college friends happens to live here, and her sister (who is also my sister-in-law) came to visit!

he tried to reject my attempt, but i got him.

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  1. I love the soaking wet Jubilee face! This will become a legendary memory for Saf. Also, I'm so glad you got to spend time with Abigail and Bethany! Lovely!