Saturday, June 8, 2013

links that make me go 'mmmmmm'.

 Here's a few posts that I read this week and probably forwarded along to my husband or a friend.  I'm going to try to get in the habit of doing this more regularly.  It's Saturday morning here, the sun is shining on our new winter. We're in the middle of turning our second bedroom into a bit of a playroom and packing away summer clothes for long pants, hoodies and scarves.  Hope you have a great weekend wherever you are!

10 Decisions You Can Make to Change the World - Jim Wallis @ Sojourners (Be encouraged and inspiried!!)

The Peril of Complacent Ambiguity - Jess in Process  (This is a brave, grieving mama's understanding of why terrible things happen in the world.)

Tougher Than Lion Taming: When Your Child Hits Your Other Child - Aha! Parenting (A great gentle parenting resource ... not that my children would ever hit each other ... *cough*)

Kids on the Block - Craig Greenfield writing @ DL Mayfield's blog (For when you worry that your neighbourhood will negatively affect your kids ...)


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