Friday, August 16, 2013

How My Kids *Actually* Play Together (in photos) & a few links for the weekend.

About 22% of the time my children play really, really well together.  But most of the time my children's play is some variation of this:

Sister, carefree with baby and pram in the winter sun.
Brother appears out of nowhere.
Sister is suspicious of his presence ...
...for good reason.  He takes her baby and runs.
Sister chases Brother,
but Brother is faster.
With Mom's help, the doll is returned to Sister's care.
But brother hands Sister the baby and takes off with the pram.

 Here's a few good reads to start off your weekend!  Enjoy!

“Beating AK47s into Shovels” - Red Letter Christians

“On peace [A guest post by Tonia Peckover]” - Deeper Story

“Breastfeeding and Following Jesus- uninviting “modesty” to the breastfeeding discussion” - The Leaky Boob

“You don’t hate me. You hate my brand.” - Rachel Held Evans

“Breaking News: Love No Longer Exists (And the World is Better Off)” - Dr. Kelly Flanagan @ Untangled

 "the ministry of funfetti" - DL Mayfield

"when your child has SMA: this is motherhood too" - Michaela Evanow


Thank you to everyone who read and shared my two posts based on Naomi Wolf's The Beauty Myth!

What was the best post that you read or wrote this week?  I'd love to hear!


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