Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Here's to Ash Wednesday and being alive again.

It's been a while.  The years since I've written anything for this space have been extremely dark and painful for me, with hope managing to wiggle her way into the aches no matter how deep. I recently shared my story with a friend over at The She Is Project  and when my husband shared it on Facebook I realised a lot of friends wouldn't know my journey with mental illness, particularly in the past two years.  I should have realised that when all I wanted to write about was my trauma and how it affected me that there was probably a need to pursue healing.  It's amazing what we can't know about ourselves sometimes, how a diagnosis can free you to see yourself in a much kinder way.

Sending love to you wherever you are reading this.  Maybe we all see ourselves in much kinder ways.

Here's to Ash Wednesday and being alive again.

"Out of the Dust - becca's Story"


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