Wednesday, April 22, 2020

meditation on the love of Mother God

I found this spiral-bound book at a massive used book sale, the kind where you spend a dollar that might unexpectedly change your life. I really love Virginia Ann Froehle's book "Called Into Her Presence: Praying with Feminine Images of God". It's full of essays, guided meditations and group practices for opening our imaginations to God's expression of self through women.

I adapted one of her meditations on finding ourselves at rest in the womb enclosure of Mother God. I invite you to give it a whirl, it's best done when lying down with no children screaming at you.

"Feel the vibrant maternal power of the One who holds you within Her, fully aware of you, loving you with unending love, and waiting for the time to come when She will be able to embrace you in fullness. Rest in Her. Receive Her love."


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